November 4, 2022

We Will See the Job Through

Iraq War veteran Michael J. Whitehead shares some of the lessons he learned on the battlefield in Iraq, about the strength of the Iraqi people, and the importance of leaving the country in better shape than he found it.
November 11, 2019

We Also Served

Jim Snitker knew in high school that he wanted to serve his country by joining the military. And, while he served for 20 years in the U.S. Army, he never saw active combat. But Mr. Snitker believes that he and other Cold War veterans who trained and waited also served their country.
May 27, 2019

Thought for Tomorrow

Financier and elder statesman Bernard Baruch found his beliefs shaken by the atrocities of World War II and the advent of the hydrogen bomb. But by believing in courage, intelligence and reason, Baruch is able to feel hope for the future.
June 10, 2014

Palestine Will Be Free

I believe that Palestine should have freedom. I believe that Palestine should be left I peace. I believe that Israel should let people be in peace. I believe that the children Palestine should have water. I believe that Palestinian parents...
January 29, 2014

A Life in Pictures Scattered across the Sand

I believe that we’re all the same – people are people, men are men – no matter where they come from, what language they speak, what their religion is, or what the may look like. Here’s how I was awakened...
January 6, 2014

I Believe In Surviving

Surviving suicidal ideations or actions is not something I dreamed I would ever encounter. After joining the United States Army at the age of eighteen, these thoughts still did not occur to me. After returning from serving in Iraq, I...
October 21, 2013

War Is Never the Answer

In reviewing the guidelines offered for writing a This I Believe essay, my thoughts focused on one sentence in particular: “Consider moments when belief was formed or tested or changed.” For me, a radical change began to take place when...
October 8, 2013

Celebrating the Differences

I was very excited when I found out I got accepted into the Northwest College Community Initiative (NWCCI) Program, but I felt a little bit scared and worried at the same time. I was expected to live and study in...
October 8, 2013

Becoming A Felon For Peace

I believe that war is a crime against humanity. I therefore would be unable to participate in any war, under any pretext or for any reason. I turned 18 on August 30, 1969, at the height of the Vietnam War....