December 24, 2018

Truth and the Santa Claus Moment

Do you answer a child’s question honestly, even if it risks shaking their beliefs? Corey Harbaugh struggled with that decision when his son asked who really brings him presents at Christmas. Harbaugh found a reply that honors both his son and the truth.
September 3, 2017

In Praise of the ‘Wobblies’

For years, journalist Ted Gup wasn’t sure what he believed, and he felt uncomfortable in the company of people who freely shared their firm beliefs. Now he accepts his own uncertainty as a good thing.
September 13, 2016

The Power of Mysteries

Childhood wonder at the stars fueled Alan Lightman’s interest in science. Now an astrophysicist and novelist, Lightman believes our greatest creativity, in science and art, comes from awe at the unknown.
July 13, 2015

Misspelling the Word “Of”

When Jason Oda was in the first grade, he had an experience that has stuck with him into adulthood. As he has grown older, he has realized the importance of questioning the rules and traditions of the past and not accepting "just because" as a valid answer to life's questions.
July 1, 2015

A Shade of Grey

I don’t think I believe in God. In my mind, it seems pretty implausible that there is some old dude somewhere out there watching over us and absolving us of all our sins. I mean, there just doesn't seem to...
March 2, 2015


I remember the wonder of Sea-Monkeys. My grandfather bought me them as a random gift when I was four years old. I was interested in this plastic tank with a background of odd pink creatures holding tridents. I filled the...
October 8, 2014


There needs to be a revolution. I have lived my whole life being force fed lies about religion and church. According to Religious tolerance.ORG the U.S was about 87% Christians and now they are 76% and still declining which I...
September 3, 2014

I Have an Idea

I don't believe in beliefs, I only believe in having an idea. To me, beliefs are ideas that people are willing to take to the end of the earth and end of time. They're willing to war and kill over,...
June 19, 2014

I’m Certain

A zebra in the eyes of the beholder. When you look at a zebra, what do you see? The face what does it look like? The mane, its tail, how do they flow? What makes a zebra a zebra? What...