December 10, 2018

Finding the Flexibility to Survive

Brighton Earley’s mom shops at a gas station because she can no longer afford to buy food at a regular grocery. At first Earley was ashamed to go on these shopping trips, but now the Los Angeles student believes they’ve taught her a valuable lesson.
March 16, 2017

Living in Manageable Moments

Playwright Elise Forier Edie knows her recovery from addiction will be difficult as she battles feelings of arrogance and control, fear and helplessness. But Edie believes she has found a way to start her journey by focusing on this one moment in time.
February 22, 2016

Have I Learned Anything Important Since I Was Sixteen?

As a teenager more than 50 years ago, Elizabeth Deutsch Earle wrote an essay for the original This I Believe series. Now, she reflects on her life as a scientist, wife, and mother to see how her beliefs have evolved.
September 3, 2014

A Relentless Humility

Humility is a quality that I have grown to appreciate as time passes by. Whether it be from encounters I have personally experienced, or observing the egotism of others on television/the Internet, the importance of working hard but staying humble...
August 6, 2014

Karma, or A Universal Re-balance

I believe in Karma. I don’t mean the typical Karma that most people interpret as past deeds following us from one reincarnated life to another until we finally get it right. My understanding of karma is simply that if I...
January 29, 2014

Barbie Is Not The Only One

Some girls carry a Cosmopolitan in their purse and read it all day long. Whether they’re reading about “how to look good naked”, or even if it’s just about “making your lips look fuller”, it seems to me that most...
July 18, 2013

Humility In All We Do

I took a trip over a year ago to the slums of Panama on a dental mission trip. Panama is a third world country that still struggles with violence. The military act as the police force and it not uncommon...
May 18, 2013

I Believe in Owning Yourself

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning...
May 13, 2013

A Challenge to Believe

What do I believe in? Well to be honest, I have no idea. To believe in something means what; is it to hope or to trust? I am sure if a person looked long enough, they could find some sort...