September 9, 2019

Our Lives Are Ephemeral

As a child during the Iranian revolution, writer Dalia Sofer lived with chaos and instability. As a teenager, reading Satre filled her with futility and nihilism. Now Sofer finds the possibility of joy and meaning even in an impermanent existence.
May 21, 2018

The Secrets of Life

From the 1950s series, Egyptian-born Ahmad Zaki Abu Shadi tells how he left his homeland to gain spiritual and intellectual liberty. The artist and scientist believed freedom was a synonym for life itself, and a precious treasure deserved by all.
March 26, 2018

A New Control of Destiny

Margaret Mead says she can’t separate what she believes as a person from what she believes as an anthropologist. And she believes humans beings, as part of a greater biological whole, have a responsibility to everyone else on the planet.
March 5, 2018

Roll Away the Stone

Even in the face of possible nuclear war, Nobel Prize-winning writer Pearl S. Buck finds her faith in humanity to be stronger than ever, and believes that cooperation can solve the world’s problems.
June 17, 2015

I Believe in Humanity

Faith comes in many different versions. Faith can be in the form of a religion such as Islam, Christianity, and Judaism to name a few. Faith can be confidence in a person or thing. No one can physically see faith,...
June 15, 2015

Travel Is the Best Form of Learning

William Vincent I believe that traveling can be the best form of learning. I have been fortunate to travel to many interesting places with my family, and also alone. Although we live in Hawaii, my parents taught me that we...
August 25, 2014

The Power of Humanity

I believe in humanity and as such I believe in the power of compassion, empathy and understanding. I believe in reason and logic, while also believing in faith and spiritual relevance. I believe in kindness, consideration, understanding, sympathy and tolerance....
June 10, 2014

We Are All Alike

I believe that all humans are similar but we are all blind to this idea due to cultures, religions, and appearances that all form illusions separating us as humans. I recently had to privilege to travel to Africa. This trip...
February 19, 2014

Political Activist, General Motors Assembly Line Worker

I am a person on the left. This carries with it a whole bunch of precepts, or principles. The left puts people above profits. Of course, we live in a capitalist system and we aren't about to have a new...