April 13, 2020

Finding Freedom in Forgiveness

Jennifer Thompson-Cannino was certain that Ronald Cotton was the man who raped her in 1984. But she was wrong. After 11 years in jail, DNA evidence proved Cotton’s innocence. Now, the two have a friendship based on their belief in forgiveness.
August 14, 2018

The Necessity of Compassion

As a young boy, Kevin Myers felt outraged at being treated unfairly because of his life circumstances. However, his mother taught him an important lesson in forgiving others that he still carries with him today.
March 22, 2015

The Power to Forget

James Downey has heard the adage "forgive and forget." But when it comes to the man who killed his father, Downey believes it's easier for him to deny this man's existence and forget his name.
December 11, 2014

Second Chances

I believe in second chances. When you’re a kid second chances are a dime a dozen, it seems no matter how many times you make a mistake there’s always someone ready to forgive and forget. This seems to fade as...
October 14, 2014

Looking Over The Mountain

I believe in looking over the mountain. In peering over and seeing a new place to be, instead of dwelling on the past with hurt and hate bombarding you every moment of your life. Instead of being manipulated by sorrow...
September 16, 2014

Forgiveness Is Love

I believe in God. I believe in Love. I believe each of us is a child of God; a child of Love. Steven D. McDonald, a police officer shot in the line of duty, was wheeled into the restaurant. Thirty...
July 28, 2014

Second Chance at Life

When I was younger, I was diagnosed with severe asthma. By ten, I had been admitted to the hospital for asthma attacks at least three times. One time in particular my mother rushed me to the hospital late one night...
July 8, 2014

I Believe in Second Chances

As a child I was always known as the "good child." I never talked back to anyone, I never caused trouble for anyone, and I never spoke unless spoken to, but I had reached a point where I got tired...
June 24, 2014

The Art of Forgiveness

I remember when I was little my mother always told me about the meaning of forgiveness, but for me they were just words that I really did not understand, but I never imagined those words would be the key for...