April 22, 2022

Seeing in Beautiful, Precise Pictures

As a person living with autism, Temple Grandin explains that she lives by concrete rules, not abstract beliefs. Without the ability to process abstract thought, she thinks in pictures and in sounds.
March 27, 2015


I believe in recovery, I have believed in recovery from my self as well as other stroke survivors. I am going to tell the story of my recovery. When I first started my recovery it was difficult. I had a...
August 26, 2014

I Believe In Silver Linings

I believe in silver linings. Every situation that life can throw at you can be taken in two ways: you can dwell on the negative or you can look for the light. In my lifetime I have learned that looking...
July 15, 2014

The Beauty of Inclusion

I remember it clear as day. Doctors were screaming, nurses were running, the heart monitor… flat. Nerves ran through my body as shocks from the defibrillator ran through my precious newborn brother’s. I had imagined my baby brother as typical...
June 5, 2014

Finally, Affordable Health Care

The Advantages of Obama Care are significant to me because of my families need for affordable health insurance. When Barack Obama became president in 2009, he began working on a legislative plan to make health care insurance accessible and affordable...
June 5, 2014

Having an Open Mind

The first time I ever really noticed a disabled person was when I was in the 3rd grade. I saw some disabled people before that but I never really knew, or cared about what that person went through. When a...
June 5, 2014

This I Believe

I believe that a legally blind and partially deaf people can raise children by themselves. I believe that slow parents can raise smart children. I believe that a poor community can raise rich children. I believe that an illiterate person...
June 3, 2014

A Carefree Bike Ride

A little girl runs out of her house, grabs her bike, and takes off. She is free to go wherever she pleases; nothing is holding her back. The wind blows through her hair, and she is happy. How would she...
April 22, 2014

Anything Is Possible

I believe that anything is possible. When I was born 26-29 weeks early, my parents didn’t know the extent of my disability. It wasn’t until the doctors ran an Apgar test immediately following my birth that I was diagnosed with...