April 30, 2018

Pieces of Me

When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, Kim Trevisani thought of all the little things her friend would miss while in the hospital. Today, Kim has come to appreciate the little moments of her daily routine, because those small details are what make up her life.
September 20, 2016

The Practice Of Slowing Down

Mountain climbers learn how to rest-step – that is, to pause between each step to catch one’s breath at high altitudes. Climber Phil Powers believes this technique of pacing is valuable in everyday life.
January 18, 2016

Life Is a Spiritual Struggle

When Joseph Laycock works out at his martial arts gym, he’s the only teacher in the room. He believes his training in jujitsu and kickboxing prepares him for his work in the classroom where, Laycock says, students need a teacher who will fight for them.
December 21, 2015

Here Comes (the Real) Santa Claus

As a young immigrant to America, Becky Sun heard about a magical man who brings Christmas presents. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t know about the tradition, so Santa failed to visit their house. When she finally met Santa years later, he gave Sun a memorable gift.
June 2, 2015


My hands were tucked away in my pockets, as I stood alone in the dimly lit room. I already knew the outcome, but still I waited, alone. I was there when the first nurse confirmed the fears. The transducer, under...
March 2, 2015


I remember the wonder of Sea-Monkeys. My grandfather bought me them as a random gift when I was four years old. I was interested in this plastic tank with a background of odd pink creatures holding tridents. I filled the...
February 19, 2015

Let Children Tell You a Thing or Two

It was the summer before my junior year in high school and I was staying with my oldest sister Sierra in Charleston. I was excited to spend quality time with her, but I was especially thrilled to go to work...
August 4, 2014


As a young child, the thought of a jolly old man with rose cheeks in an oversized red suede jumpsuit coming down your chimney in the middle of the night to put presents under your beautifully lite Christmas tree is...
June 30, 2014

Growing Out

When Allie Jean moved in next door, she didn’t speak. That is not to say she couldn’t speak. Rather, Allie Jean didn’t speak. She was four years old. That first summer, all I saw of her were shy glances from...