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January 1, 1950

There Is Some Good in Everyone

Since a philosophy of life is developed from a steady growth of the mental workings within the individual, it is rather difficult to put down on paper the very beginning of that process. Personally, no doubt, mine had its inception...
January 1, 1950

This I Believe

To delineate one's basic beliefs is a soul-searching and worthwhile experience, as I review some of he past experiences which have contributed most to what I now believe, these three stand out most vividly in my mind. The first occurred...
January 1, 1950

Using Politics to Improve Civilization

The lines one hears or reads in his youth often give direction to his life. At a very early age, my ambitions were fired by my father’s oft-repeated quotation from Longfellow: Lives of great men all remind us We can...
January 1, 1950

The Heart of Life Itself

After the loss of his wife, businessman Charles Hires Jr. found a sense of purpose late in life by helping young people find theirs. (from the 1950s This I Believe series)