carpe diem

carpe diem

August 8, 2022

Time to Walk the Dog

When Betsy Buchalter Adler gets too absorbed by her legal work, her dog, Ollie, reminds her of what’s truly important: a good, long walk outdoors. Adler believes Ollie helps her live in the moment and embrace the small, unexpected delights in the world.
July 15, 2022

Finding Out What’s Under Second Base

Sports teaches us many useful lessons: how to be a team player, how to handle defeat, and how excellence comes with practice. Lex Urban learned a different lesson on his Little League ballfield–one he’s carried with him to this day as an attorney.
April 30, 2018

Pieces of Me

When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, Kim Trevisani thought of all the little things her friend would miss while in the hospital. Today, Kim has come to appreciate the little moments of her daily routine, because those small details are what make up her life.
January 5, 2017

Live Your Life So That You Will Have No Regrets

Retired teacher Nancy Yucius believes in living life so as to have no regrets. It’s a lesson she learned from her mother and one Yucius is holding on to even more now that she is battling colon cancer.
July 13, 2016

Disrupting My Comfort Zone

With movies like A Beautiful Mind and Apollo 13 to his credit, Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer could rest on his laurels. But that’s not for him. Grazer believes in disrupting his comfort zone.
December 8, 2015

A Piece of Happiness

I believe that happiness comes from every little thing. During my summer vacation I went with family to attend my mom’s cousin's wedding in California and I really wasn’t that excited about attending the wedding because no one I knew...
June 17, 2015


“Your dad is in the hospital.” Realization struck as I sat down at the table in my grandmother’s house. Earlier that day I had a sense something was wrong, something I could just feel. An eerie feeling when my mom...
June 15, 2015

Being Uncomfortable

I believe in being uncomfortable. Being uncomfortable means that you have escaped the cushy everyday life that modern times have afforded those who want it. It means doing something out of the ordinary. It means not knowing a soul when...
June 15, 2015

Enjoying the Little Things

I believe that in order to get through each day, you must enjoy the little things in life. When I say, ‘little things’, I mean events that might happen daily or events that a person might not consider life changing...