September 25, 2017

There Is No God

As half of the magic act Penn and Teller, Penn Jillette enjoys challenging his audiences with the unconventional. In stating his personal credo, Jillette finds liberation in believing there is no God.
June 15, 2015

We Only Have Each Other

I believe that we only have each other. As an atheist, by definition I believe that there is no god. This can be a scary concept, because at times, it seems like there's no one to watch out for us....
June 30, 2014

No Right or Wrong Way to Believe

For me I choose to stand by the statement that ‘I do not need the promise of heaven to see the merit in good deeds’. This is a true reflection of the way I live my life. I am not...
October 22, 2013

Believer be Warned

I believe that truths are always flawed. Sometimes they don’t look seamless from where we stand, but usually time and circumstance eventually give us a view of their other side. Some truths confront us head-on with their falsehoods and hypocrisies;...
September 18, 2013

Love and hate

Growing up in a catholic house, and going to a catholic school, I was one of the few children that were very close to God. Throughout elementary school I never even thought there was a thing as an atheist or...
September 18, 2013

Religion Impedes Progress

One asset I've always treasured about myself is the ability to logically assess things. The ability to see things for how they are rather than how I want them to be. In America, many of us don't share the same...
September 10, 2013

A Belief

I believe Marcus Aurelius said it best in his Mediations: “Live a good life. If there are gods and they are just, then they will not care how devout you have been, but will welcome you based on the virtues...
August 13, 2013

Heaven and Hell Shall not Prevail

I believe that I am confused about whether or not I believe in Heaven, Hell, God or Religion. Confused if there is salvation in the end, or damnation. I cannot force myself to believe in heaven or hell it does...
July 31, 2013

I Believe in Brotherhood

As I looked around the locker room at Lakewood Stadium on October 29, 2011 I saw the faces of 104 of my brothers. Although we are not “technically” related I feel that the words acquaintances, friends, and teammates do not...