This I Believe—Selections, Vol I


Original audio essays from the 1950s radio program This I Believe. Each essay introduced by Edward R. Murrow.

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Here, collected for the first time on CD, are selections from the original 1950s radio program This I Believe. Hosted by Edward R. Murrow, these essays were written by everyday people as well as notable historic figures highlighting stories of their personal beliefs and core values. Listening to this collection will undoubtedly remind you that although the times have changed, the concerns and contemplations of the average American are surprisingly unchanged, and that even during the most trying times, the American spirit and the human desire to be better is as alive as ever.

Selections, Volume I includes original recordings of essays read by:

Edward R. Murrow, legendary American newsman
J. Frank Dobie, educator and folklorist
Anne Heywood, author
Maximillian Hodder, film director
Helen Keller, blind and deaf American author
Herbert Lehman, U.S. Senator
Marty Mann, early female member of Alcoholics Anonymous
Margaret Mead, anthropologist
Louise Dickinson Rich, author
Jackie Robinson, professional baseball player
Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady
Walter White, civil rights activist