Clint Morehead: The Stillness of the Library


When Clint Morehead was still in medical school, he often spent upwards of 10 hours a day studying at the library. More important than the aesthetics of the space around him, Morehead finds that libraries provide a valuable place to go—inside himself.

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Dr. Clint Morehead was born, raised, and educated in Louisville, Kentucky, and is now a palliative medicine doctor in San Diego, California. His work has been featured in Becoming A Doctor: From Student to Specialist, Doctor-Writers Share Their Experiences (W. W. Norton, 2010), the Louisville Review, and the Journal of Palliative Medicine. He is a 2010 winner of the Al Smith Fellowship for creative nonfiction and founder of The Kentucky Books for Patients Project, an organization that places books by Kentucky authors in cancer centers across the state. He wrote this essay in 2005 as a first-year medical student in Louisville.