This I Believe iPhone App

iPhone Application Home ScreenOur best-selling books have reached hundreds of thousands of people, but combined contain fewer than 150 essays. The purpose of the This I Believe iPhone application is to put the beliefs collected in our vast essay collection (which contains tens of thousands essays from all over the world) into the hands of people so they can take them with them and be inspired wherever they are.

This application contains the following features:

  • Listings of beliefs, including our featured essays, classic essays from the 1950s, essays by theme and essays by age group.
  • The ability to search the library of beliefs based on the contents of the essay, the name of the contributor and the location of the contributor.
  • The ability to read these beliefs in an easy to see simple application.
  • The ability to save individual beliefs as favorites so that you can take them on the road and view them without a network connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for the This I Believe iPhone app?

The This I Believe iPhone app requires an iPhone or iPod Touch running iPhone OS 3.0 or greater.

Available on the App Store