Special Features

Women In Activism


Photos courtesy Library of Congress and Nubar Alexanian

The original This I Believe and our revival of the series have featured a number of high-profile women working for progress in justice, equal rights, and other social issues. In honor of Women’s History Month, click the links below to learn of the beliefs that guided these prominent women.

  1. A Balance Between Nature And Nurture
  2. When Children Are Wanted
  3. A New Control Of Destiny
  4. Living My Prayer
  5. A Force For Human Dignity
  6. The Power And Mystery Of Naming Things
  7. A Devotion To The Common Good
  8. Getting Angry Can Be a Good Thing



Photo courtesy of Matt Harding

The human body in motion is one of our oldest forms of creative expression. Whether it’s the grace of a pirouette, or the energy of breaking, popping, and locking, dancing can entertain and inspire. Click the links below to read the beliefs these essayists have about dance.

  1. An Athlete of God
  2. Connecting to a Global Tribe
  3. Dance Is Life
  4. To Thine Own Self Be True
  5. Dancing All the Dances As Long As I Can

At Home In New Orleans


Photo by Katie Harbath via flickr

The music, the neighborhoods, the food, and the people make New Orleans a one-of-a-kind American city. Whether you’ve lived there your whole life or only visited once, you know why people feel at home there. Click the links below to read how these essayists have been inspired by their home in New Orleans.

  1. The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home
  2. Listen to Your Mother-in-Law
  3. Home Restores You; I Believe in New Orleans
  4. My Home Is New Orleans
  5. Treating Everyone as Family

And the Oscar goes to…


For the original version of This I Believe, host Edward R. Murrow invited a number of accomplished actors to share their beliefs, many of whom were Academy Award winners and nominees. With the polished voices of classically trained actors, they stepped before the microphone to tell their stories. Click the links below to hear what these Hollywood legends had to say.

  1. A Morning Prayer in a Little Church, by Helen Hayes
  2. Does Anybody Believe an Actor, by Lionel Barrymore
  3. Faith Is Stronger Than Fear, by Barbara Stanwyck
  4. To Sound the Notes of Human Passion, by Agnes Moorehead

GRAMMY Award Winners


Photo courtesy Billboard.com

From classical to rap, country to pop, music holds a special place in our hearts and memories. For those who make music, there are GRAMMY awards. Click the links below to hear the beliefs of these GRAMMY-Award-winning musicians.

  1. A Musician of Many Cultures by Yo-Yo Ma
  2. The Mountain Disappears by Leonard Bernstein
  3. Music Makes Me Come Alive by Joan Tower
  4. The Learning Curve of Gratitude by Mary Chapin Carpenter
  5. Creating Our Own Happiness by Wayne Coyne
  6. How Do You Believe In A Mystery by Loudon Wainwright III
  7. Doing Things My Own Way by Bela Fleck

The Love We Choose


Photo by Pietro Brugnera via Flickr

With Valentine’s Day approaching, pink and red flowers, cards, and candy are being sold in the name of love. As we consider all of the valentines in our lives—sweethearts, family, and even pets—this week, we are featuring a selection of essays from our book, This I Believe: On Love, that illustrate stories of the love we choose.

  1. The Love I Choose
  2. Deciding to Love Her
  3. Love from Head to Toe
  4. Love on Four Feet
  5. A Walk in the Woods Together
  6. The Friend Who Makes Me Complete

The Ways We Love


Photo by msmayee via Flickr

With Valentine’s Day approaching, this week we are featuring a selection of essays from our book, This I Believe: On Love, that illustrate the many facets of this most fundamental human emotion. Click the links below to read stories about core beliefs based on love.

  1. Pennies from Heaven
  2. A Walk in the Woods Together
  3. What We Tried to Do
  4. Swing-shift Kisses
  5. The Beauty of Aging



Photo illustration by Robin Hutton via Flickr

“Family” is a great concept, but in practice it doesn’t always work in the picture-perfect version we idealize. Many times, we find that families are defined by more than blood, culture, or circumstance. Click the links below to read how these essayists built their beliefs in family.

  1. My Family Tree
  2. A Duty to Family, Heritage, and Country
  3. The People Who Love You When No One Else Will
  4. Love Lives through Them All
  5. Dad’s Legacy

Taking Inspiration from Dr. King


U.S. News & World Report Collection at the Library of Congress

As the U.S. marks the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., we offer a sampling of statements from essayists who were influenced by King’s work and words—both by people who witnessed his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, to those who were simply inspired by it.

  1. The Power of Words
  2. Finding New Pride In America
  3. Dr. King’s Dream
  4. This Is Our Mountaintop

Playing Games


Photo credit: viZZZual.com via Flickr

Many people play games with friends and family at holiday gatherings. When we play these games, we may not be thinking any deeper than the game in front of us. But for these essayists, a game of friendly competition brings about thoughts of community, family, and even deeper philosophy. Click the links below to read how these essayists feel about playing games.

  1. The Cards Will Hear You
  2. A Game of Cards
  3. Role-Playing Games: Where Belief Comes From
  4. Scrabble Makes my Life Clear
  5. My Legacy of Playing Games