Special Features

The Marines


Photo illustration by Sgt. Bryan A. Peterson/U.S. Marines

Since 1775, Americans have served in the Marine Corps. From making amphibious landings on foreign soils, to guarding embassies around the world, the Corps engenders a life-long loyalty among those men and women who serve in it. Click the links below to explore the beliefs of these veterans of the United States Marines.

  1. Officers Eat Last
  2. Semper Fidelis
  3. Always a Marine
  4. The Chance to Become Something Better

In Remembrance: Norman Corwin


Photo by Nubar Alexanian

Poet, playwright and radio legend Norman Corwin died October 18 at his home in Los Angeles. He was 101 years old. During the 1930s and 1940s, Corwin produced some of the most celebrated dramas on radio. His work also spanned the stage, television, movies, books and teaching. In 2005, we were honored to feature Corwin’s This I Believe essay on our NPR series. He talked about the importance of simple acts of kindness and common courtesy, which he saw as the basis for building a stronger democracy and a better world.

In Remembrance: Owsley Brown II


This I Believe has lost a valued friend and a benefactor of this organization. Owsley Brown II was a former chief executive of Brown-Forman, the liquor company his family founded in Louisville, Kentucky, in 1870. Brown and his wife, Christy, have been leaders in their support of the arts, historic preservation and interfaith understanding. The staff of This I Believe offers its condolences to the Brown family.

In Remembrance: Charles H. Percy (1919 – 2011)


U. S. Senate photo

Charles Percy served as United States Senator from Illinois from 1967 to 1985. As a moderate Republican, he was active in business issues, international affairs, housing policy and judicial reform. Percy opposed the Vietnam War and he was the first senator to call for a special prosecutor to investigate Watergate. When Percy was a 33-year-old corporate executive in Chicago, he wrote his essay for Edward R. Murrow’s This I Believe.

Reflections on 9/11


Photo illustration by Waldemar Koscielny via Flickr

In the decade since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, many people have struggled to make sense of the events of that day. From shock and anger, to grief and resolution, the emotions engendered by 9/11 have inspired a number of essayists to re-evaluate their own lives and America’s place in the world. Click the links below to explore the beliefs these personal reflections have revealed.

  1. Peace Is Possible
  2. What Is the Value of a Human Life?
  3. The Rule of Law
  4. That Old Piece of Cloth
  5. The America I Believe In

Clothes Make the Person


Photo illustration by Eileen Josephine via Flickr

To paraphrase Mark Twain, clothes make the person. Some of us prefer to lead with a fashion statement, while others go for a well-worn and comfortable look. From the hats on our heads to the shoes on our feet, clothes keep us covered, express our personalities, and even become an inspiration for belief.

  1. Dressing How I Want
  2. Hand-Knit Socks
  3. America’s Beauty Is In Its Diversity
  4. The Empty Hatbox
  5. Happiness at Your Feet

Life Lessons on Diversity


Diversity is a fact of life, and each day can bring a new experience with someone who may be racially, culturally or politically different from ourselves. So do we accept these encounters as a learning opportunity, or do we react with fear or prejudice? Explore how these essayists have embraced diversity in their lives with this selection of beliefs from our book and audiobook, This I Believe: Life Lessons.

  1. An Invitation to Dialogue
  2. A Priceless Lesson in Humility
  3. Finding Our Common Ground
  4. Becoming Friends
  5. Yankee Go Home

Earth Day


Photo illustration by Sandy Redding via Flickr

To mark the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, we look back at some of the essays that have been inspired by the environment. Click the links below to explore themes ranging from caring for the planet to reveling in wilderness.

  1. A Reverence For All Life
  2. Married To This Land
  3. A Sacred Connection To The Sun
  4. Pink Moments
  5. A Feeling Of Wildness
  6. Living Life With ‘Grace And Elegant Treeness’

In Remembrance: Warren Christopher (1925 – 2011)


Photo by Nubar Alexanian

Many of the celebrities who appeared on our NPR series were invited to write essays for This I Believe. Former Secretary of State Warren Christopher sent us a statement on his own, submitting it through our website like thousands of his fellow Americans. In tribute to Secretary Christopher, we present his essay from 2006, which explored his belief that diplomacy – and life – work best when people trust and depend on one another.

  1. A Shared Moment of Trust



Photo illustration by Zack Baddorf via Wikipedia

If you look beyond the hype that surrounds the annual Super Bowl, you find a game that’s been played in America for more than a century. As with many sports, football provides an opportunity for players and fans to find a deeper meaning – and even belief – in athletic activity.

  1. The Peace in Football
  2. Friday Night in a Small Town
  3. Faith and Football
  4. The Beauty of Silent Reflection
  5. Life in Practice