Special Features

2012 in Review


Photo by Stephen Cannon via flickr

It’s the dawn of a new year and time to reflect on the last twelve months. In 2012, we featured 52 new personal stories about the beliefs that matter most in our lives. We’ve included some wonderful essays about love, resilience, courage, parenthood, and more. Click on the links below to revisit some of the beliefs we’ve featured in the past year.

  1. Never Give Up
  2. My Time and Place Among the Cows
  3. Bessie Mae: Nobody Famous
  4. Evolution
  5. Peace Can Happen
  6. The Courage and the Strength



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You know them, the things that go bump in the night. Is it the wind, the house settling, or something more? Ghosts and spirits play prominent roles in the lives of many people and in a number of the world’s cultures. The work of these possibly otherworldly beings also inspires belief among those they touch. Click the links below to learn how.

  1. Saying Thanks To My Ghosts
  2. Life Is Infused With Magic
  3. It’s A Big Universe Out There
  4. Magic And Mystery
  5. My Ghosts Remind Me

Beliefs from the Campaign Trail


Library of Congress

As the campaign season rolls on and the candidates jockey for victory in November, we remember some politicians from the first half of the 20th Century. From governors to senators to former presidents, a number of political leaders recorded their statements of belief for the original This I Believe radio series. Please click the links below to hear and read what they believed.

  1. A Public Man
  2. Finding Security in Fundamental Freedoms
  3. The Only Way to Make a Friend
  4. The Roots of Our Progress
  5. The People Know
  6. Standing Fast in Liberty



Photo illustration by Colin_Eric via Flickr

In conversations over the back fence, in exchanging tools, labor and gossip, and in looking out for one another, neighbors are the building blocks of a community. Click the links below to learn the importance of neighbors to the lives of these essayists.

  1. The Art Of Being A Neighbor
  2. Our Noble, Essential Decency
  3. The True Neighbor
  4. A Piece Of Their Hearts
  5. It Takes A Village

Gone Fishing


Photo by Julie Orahilly via morguefile.com

For many people, fishing is a sport. For others, it’s an excuse to spend some quiet time in nature. And for some people, fishing is a metaphor for life and a source of belief. Click the links below to read some fishing stories from This I Believe essayists.

  1. How Do You Believe in a Mystery
  2. The Power of Fishing
  3. Moby Dick Is Out There Somewhere
  4. No Place I’d Rather Be
  5. The Creel

Writers of the 1950s



The original This I Believe series included a number of literary icons of the 20th century. Their mastery of words helped them to craft intriguing essays about their personal beliefs. Click the links below to learn what James Michener, Pearl Buck, Aldous Huxley and other writers had to say.

  1. All Men Are My Brothers
  2. Roll Away the Stone
  3. The Work of a Muckraker
  4. Learning to Get Out of the Way
  5. Goodness Doesn’t Just Happen

After The Storm


Photo by Kenn W. Kiser via morguefile.com

Once the thunderstorm, the hurricane, the tornado or the flood passes, the hard work of restoring “normal” life begins. Amidst the rubble of home and community, there are lessons to be found. Click the links below to explore the beliefs these essayists discovered in the wake of the storm.

  1. The Strange Blessing That Brought Me Home
  2. From Devastation to Recovery
  3. A Different Kind of Hero
  4. Living Life to the Fullest
  5. The Power of Presence

Actresses of Hollywood’s Golden Age


For the original version of This I Believe, host Edward R. Murrow invited a number of movie stars to share their beliefs with the listening audience. This roster of essayists included a number of legendary actresses working in Hollywood at that time, including Helen Hayes, Edith Evans and Barbara Stanwyck. Click the links below to hear what these leading ladies had to say.

  1. Faith Is Stronger Than Fear
  2. No Dream Is Impossible
  3. The Power of Good
  4. A Morning Prayer In A Little Church
  5. Freedom from Fear



Photo illustration by Michael Donovan via Flickr

Some people may bowl alone but for those who visit the lanes with friends, bowling is a sport of camaraderie. Hitting strikes and spares is the goal, but discovering an inspiring belief can be an interesting by-product of the game. Click the links below to read what these essayists believe about bowling.

  1. The Simplicity of a Bowling Philosophy
  2. Thursday Night Bowling
  3. Friendships Found
  4. A Captain’s Responsibility
  5. The Second Chance

Mother’s Day


We celebrate moms everywhere this week with a selection of essays from our new book, This I Believe: On Motherhood. These writers tell of the lessons learned from being a mother, and of the wisdom gained from the mothers in their lives. As one essayist says, “A mother’s love can overcome hatred, animosity and selfishness. It has the power to heal an abused heart and body.”

  1. Our Children
  2. Am I Doing This Right?
  3. Bessie Mae: Nobody Famous
  4. Miracle from Within
  5. The Second-Hardest Job
  6. Hope Dished Out in Plenty
  7. Do What You Have To Do
  8. It Takes a Mother’s Love