Special Features

I Write the Songs


Photo by J Jackson Photography via Flickr

The singer-songwriters of American popular music are our modern-day troubadours. From folk to rock to country, these musicians capture stories of everyday life and turn them into wonderful songs – and into compelling statements of belief.

  1. All the Joy the World Contains
  2. The Learning Curve of Gratitude
  3. Creating Our Own Happiness
  4. Walking in the Light
  5. How Do You Believe In A Mystery

Holocaust Remembrance


Holocaust Memorial in Budapest by Neilhooting via Flickr

In the U.S., the national Days of Remembrance serve to commemorate the Holocaust. In remembrance, we highlight several essayists who have written about their personal experiences or those of family members during the Holocaust. Click the links below to learn how the events of the Holocaust shaped their lives and their beliefs.

  1. God Is God Because He Remembers
  2. The Belief of a Holocaust Survivor
  3. We Must Never Forget
  4. Peace Can Happen
  5. When Man Denies the Brotherhood of Man
  6. Speak Up

2013 In Review


It’s the beginning of a new year, a good time to look back at the old year. In 2013, we featured some wonderful essays that we believe you’ll enjoy revisiting.

  1. Find a Good Frog
  2. The Eternal Sunshine
  3. Yankee Go Home
  4. Appreciating the Moment
  5. Learning to Listen
  6. The Knowing

Gift Giving


Adaptation of photo by pablofalv via Flickr

When we are young, it is the receiving of gifts that brings excitement and joy. As we get older, we learn the truth behind the adage that it is better to give than to receive. In this season of giving, the essayists below share their beliefs on the importance of giving to others. Wishing you the season’s best from This I Believe.

  1. The Designated Celebrator
  2. To Share Even the Least We Have
  3. Ready to Give
  4. Soulful Moments
  5. Even the Smallest Gifts



Photo by Eric Allix Rogers via Flickr

For many people, farming was something our families did many generations ago. For others, it’s still a way of life. And for some people, farming is a metaphor for life and a source of strong belief. Click the links below to read how farming has had an effect on these This I Believe essayists.

  1. A Piece of Their Hearts
  2. My Time and Place Among the Cows
  3. Strength of Strings
  4. You Are What You Believe
  5. Natural Links in a Long Chain of Being

Writers of the 1950s


Photo by Michael Glasgow via Flickr

The original This I Believe series included a number of literary icons of the 20th century. Their mastery of words helped them craft intriguing essays about their personal beliefs. Click the links below to hear what James Michener, Pearl Buck, Aldous Huxley and other writers had to say.

  1. All Men Are My Brothers
  2. Roll Away the Stone
  3. Goodness Doesn’t Just Happen
  4. The Work Of A Muckraker
  5. Learning To Get Out Of The Way

The Oceans


Photo by David Sifry via Flickr

The world’s oceans can be as calm and flat as glass, or can rage with a fury that sinks even the strongest ships. Some consider the sea to be our primordial roots, while others simply find it a nice place for a vacation. Click the links below to read how these essayists discovered their beliefs in the ocean.

  1. We Are Inextricably Linked
  2. Nature As A Salvation
  3. A Feeling Of Wildness
  4. Everyone Should Visit Once
  5. Nature Calls To Us

The Coffee Shop


Photo illustration by Drab Makyo via Flickr

Whether upscale with $5-a-cup specialty brews, or down-home with a mug of Maxwell House, the coffee shop is a place where people take a break from daily life and find a bit of community. So draw a cup of your favorite blend, and enjoy these beliefs inspired by the coffee shop.

  1. A Place Of Conversation And Community
  2. A Chance To Escape The Mundane
  3. I Hear America Sipping
  4. Two Strangers In A Tiny Coffee Shop
  5. The Comfort of Coffee



Photo by Leslie Stout Spanyer

An old proverb says those who wish to sing always find a song. Whether it’s a quiet lullaby whispered to an ill child, or a rousing oratorio performed with a full chorus, there is an uplifting power to the human voice in song. Click the links below to read the beliefs singing has inspired in these essayists.

  1. The Key to a Long Life
  2. When Life Demands Singing
  3. Harmony: Two Voices Required
  4. With a Song in My Heart
  5. A Tender Lullaby
  6. The Power of Music



Photo courtesy go.goflo via flickr

In parts of the U.S., a daily thunderstorm is just another sign of summer. While some people are afraid of these storms, others enjoy the flashes of lightning and rumbles of thunder. Click the links below to read what these essayists believe about the power of a thunderstorm.

  1. Behold the Power of Storms
  2. Discovery in a Thunderstorm
  3. Get Drenched in a Thunderstorm
  4. Sunshine Overpowers Thunderstorms
  5. Blue-Skied Thunderstorms