The essays in this category were recorded and broadcast between 1951 and 1954.

January 19, 2015

The Elixir of Growth

Mohandas Gandhi believed that none of the world's religions had a monopoly on wisdom and that all of them were the same at their core. He was much more concerned with the actions we take in the service of one another, especially in the service of the poor and oppressed.
February 7, 2014

Man’s Growth Toward Civilization

One of the original "Monuments Men," George Leslie Stout had a hopeful look toward mankind's future and believed that man is growing toward a more civilized state. With an appetite for knowledge, fairness, and truth, Mr. Stout sees each individual contributing to a civilization larger than himself.
February 17, 2012

Introduction to the Original This I Believe

In launching This I Believe in 1951, host Edward R. Murrow explained the need for such a radio program at that time in American history, and said his own beliefs were “in a state of flux.”
November 5, 2010

A New Birth of Freedom

From the 1950s series, European film writer and director Maximilian Hodder tells how his detention in a Soviet gulag nearly destroyed his faith in humanity. But when he found freedom in the West, Hodder regained his belief in the goodness of people.
October 22, 2010

A Philosophy to Live By

From the 1950s series, actor, producer, and director John Cromwell makes his statement of belief in the form of a letter to his son. Cromwell tells the 14-year-old that the discovery of a philosophy to live by is a healing thing.
October 1, 2010

The Only Way to Make a Friend

Governor, Senator and investment banker Herbert H. Lehman believes that preserving freedom of expression requires us to respect the views of others and provide equality for all.
September 24, 2010

What Makes Me Feel Big

Texas writer and folklorist J. Frank Dobie finds inspiration in those things that make him feel big: his belief in evolution, the beauty of nature, and a drive to push the status quo.
September 17, 2010

Twice I Sought Death

From the 1950s series, Marty Mann describes how her battles with alcoholism and depression forced her to open herself up to those around her, and led her to help other people who suffered with addiction.
September 3, 2010

An Honest Doubter

At 16, Elizabeth Deutsch was the youngest essayist to appear on Edward R. Murrow’s This I Believe. She discusses her search for philosophical and spiritual beliefs that can guide her as an adult. (Read a new essay Deutsch wrote in 2005.)