The Strongest Belief Is Found in Yourself

Joshua - Fulton, New York
Entered on May 10, 2011

I am a 32-year-old parent of two, and I believe that you always have to believe in yourself. The Senior by Mike Flynt and Don Yaegar is an excellent example of this concept. A better example is the story of my life. Both stories begin with people losing at their first attempts at education. Yet through their beliefs in themselves, they never give up and reach their goals.

The Senior is a story about Mike Flynt, a 59 year young man, who returned to college to play football. Mike’s father raised him to have a short temper. Through violence Mike learned how to settle a problem before it arose. This was the key factor in why Mike was thrown out of school. It seemed no matter where Mike went, trouble was sure to be waiting there. After many years of insistence from his peers, and a new found belief in his “self”, Mike finally decided to return to college. Through a strong belief in his “self”, Mr. Flynt finally reached his goals. Mike Flynt now holds seminars letting people to know not to ever give up and to always have a belief in themselves.

Similar to Mr. Flynt I also was kicked out of school. At the start of my third year of ninth grade, I was told to leave. The vice principal told me that I would be too old to graduate, so I took my G.E.D. twice. The first time I took it was at the demands of my mother. At that time in my life, it did not matter to me. I took the test intoxicated and failed by one point. The second time I was in a correctional facility. At that time in my life, my only goal was to achieve “good time”, and like Mr. Flynt, I was starting to find out I had a real problem getting along with other people. I have seen my “good time” come and go many times now and have finally had enough of my freedoms taken away. With the love and support of my family and friends, I too have found a new belief in myself. It pushes me to drive on. I realize it is time for me to start reaching for my goals.

Like Mike Flynt, I have returned to school. I am just wrapping up my first semester in college. I started this year very nervous, but I made it through all right. Through my new found belief, I have realized that trying to do something with my life makes it that much more meaningful and worthwhile. I can only hope to keep an open mind the way Mr. Flynt did. I know I have many more valuable lessons to learn. Life is too short to let it pass us by without finding our true worth.

Never give up on yourself and believe that you can achieve anything. This is truly what makes life such an invigorating experience.