Everyone Should Have a Pet

Carly - City, Wisconsin
Entered on April 7, 2011

I believe that in every family with children there should have at least one pet at their house. This pet could be a house animal like a cat or dog or it could be a farm animal like a horse. I believe this because while I have been growing up I have always had some sort of pet, mainly a dog. Having a pet has taught me lots of things but the main things would be responsibility and how to take care of someone else besides myself. I have learned responsibility because everyday I have to feed my dog, let her outside to go to the bathroom, take her for walks, play with her and give her a bath when she needs it. Taking care of someone else besides myself is hard and a lot of work, but it taught me to not put myself first and to make sure she had everything she needed. Knowing all this will help me out later in life because I will be able to take care of my kids and not put myself first. But the thing I love the most about having a pet would be they are always there and like to play or come snuggle with you. Whenever I come home there she is waiting for me, which is always a good feeling. They are good listeners and they never talk back to me. Having a pet, especially, if I was an only child would be good because when I’m lonely they are there to cheer me up and that way I wouldn‘t feel as lonely as I would if I was all by myself. I truly believe everyone should have at least one pet because it’s a good life lesson and its good to have someone to come home too.