How Fashion Changed My World

Gabby - City, Ohio
Entered on December 6, 2010

I believe that fashion is part of everyones life in some way or another. Every morning I used to go into my fathers office and share his breakfast. Each morning, he’d be watching runway shows on television and look at all the new styles. He always told me he liked the shows but would change the channel as soon as I walked out of the room. I found out later that he really had wanted me to see them, wanting my world to be surrounded by art and fashion. I was always very artsy as a child, and my father never wanted me to be a struggling artist, he wanted me to have an appreciation for the field. At the time fashion was seen as a well paying job and he would always try and nudge me into that direction.

Those morning shows were among the first reasons I became obsessed with fashion at a young age. I learned how inspired one can be from fabrics, silhouettes, and even how inspiration can be found from an unlimited amount of persons, places and things. My world became surrounded by fashion and realizing that for the rest of my life that I could be apart of it, seemed within reach and a necessity. I read as many magazines as I could get my hands on, I followed styles and trends on numerous websites, I would walk from store to store and just feel the fabrics and imagine all the possibilities each garment possessed. Friends and family learned that shopping with me was an all day excursion, and I couldn’t be bothered with anything but clothing, and accessories galore.

As a freshman at K S University, I am properly learning about the fundamentals of fashion. The inspiration is still alive and with my new found knowledge of the field, I believe in fashion as a career. I believe in fashion as a lifestyle. I believe in fashion as the reason to get out of the bed in the morning and face the world with my perfect outfit and the confidence that it gives me. I believe in dressing to impress myself and always knowing that the comfort of this wonderful world will keep me content for a lifetime.