My Fulfilled Dream

Sebastian - Nashville, Tennessee
Entered on December 1, 2010

People are born with dreams about foreign, faraway places full of different traditions and conceptions. I was one of them until one special day changed my whole life. My dream became a reality. This is the story of how my life began in Nashville, TN.

I was born in Romania, Eastern Europe, and come into USA in 2001 after a long process. I and my wife Carmen play the Diversity Visa Lottery and won the lucky ticket that brought us here. We got social security and green card from the USA Government. Our church helped us to make a life in this city. Along with my wife and my son, Stefan, I arrived in Nashville at the end of October 2001 wondering if anybody will wait for us at the airport. I remember that we were holding the baby and our four luggages when we saw a big group of people. They hugged and welcomed us to America. They helped with the luggage and took us to the apartment they rented for us. Through the contribution of all the community’s members, the apartment was furnished with all that we were going to need. When we opened the refrigerator we noticed that it was full with all kinds of food. We had an apartment twice as big as the one we left behind. We were so happy and impressed with everything that they did for us.

Day after day, people were coming to visit and take us into the city for shopping or only to talk. Their only request was to visit the church and become a member which it wasn’t so much to ask from us. The church is our place to pray and thank God for letting us to come here. It is our place to meet with each other and keep our traditions alive. We found different jobs than the ones we had in our countries. After two years we bought our house and we started going to school since we could not evaluate our credentials. My wife chose to become an accountant instead of a teacher because she wanted to do something new. I chose to become a maintenance technician and to complete my education.

Today, I work in maintenance for Vi-Jon Industries and I am still going to school. When I have time I like to travel with my family and see new places and meet new people. We still help other people to come and integrate in the American life, because we always remember the help we got years ago. As a new comer into a foreign state you need all the support you can get to understand the rules, policies and traditions of the state that becomes your place to call home. I am living the “American Dream” that many people wish to happen to them one day. Today I am happy to say that if you believe in living a better life you need the courage to follow your destiny.