Horror Movies

Shen - Nanjing, other China
Entered on November 13, 2010

I’m always scared of horror films. Those bloody scenes and thrilling screams give me nightmares again and again. Ironically, though I actually believe in them.

“Why would a little girl like you will have faith in horror movies?” my friends sometimes ask. The only thing I can say is that I am not a freak, I am not twisted. It’s just there is a kind of pain that nothing but horror movies can take away from me.

When I was a teenager, my parents never stopped quarreling. Each time I suffered badly from it. The misery and despair hid deeply in my heart and never faded as time passed. There came a night, when I was watching a horror movie called Haunted Office, that my parents started quarreling again. Those fights, along with the screams of Karen Mo in the film rushed into my ears. I thought I was going to break down, but surprisingly, I didn’t. At that moment, those bloody scenes and thrilling screams took over my mind. Watching Karen being tortured by the ghost was a thrilling experience, I was scared, but not in a desperate way; I was sad, but not in a miserable way.

There were two kinds of fear at that moment: the fear of the horror movie and the fear of my collapsed family. Luckily, the fear of these bloody bodies and ghosts overtook the other fear and let me survive.

Since then I realized that I finally found my anti-depressant drug—— horror movies. I am lucky that I am timid so that I can feel nothing is scarier than watching a horror movie.

Last year I found Silver in 90210 used the exact same way to ease her pain. Silver lived with her mother who was an alcoholic. Every time her mother came back she was drunk, talking nonsense, and sometimes even hit Silver. It was an absolutely a horrible nightmare?Fortunately, she also found horror movies to ease her pain, just like me.

Even though that is just a character from a teenager drama, it made me realize that there might be a lot of people like me and Silver who have faith in horror movies. They may not call it a credo, but once they lived by it.

Now I am an adult, my parents have finally gotten tired of quarrelling with each other. My family has never been so peaceful. However, I still hold this horror movie creed. When I had a lot of difficulty in studies, or in my relationships, I would sit down; find a horror movie, watch it. After a little escape from the harsh reality, I would calm down, and find new strength to deal with my troubles.

Horror films may not be able to cure everything, but it does help me get through harsh times, and I believe that they will always be there for the rest of my life.