How are things created?

alejandra - la puente, California
Entered on September 23, 2010
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in a world unlike no other, a world that is envisioned, constructed, and created by the form of imagination- through the mind. I sit alone at times, pondering as to how the things in my surroundings function. What is going on through the minds of those who walk pass me, viewing their behavior, each movement, and action? I wonder. As I sit, as though mindless, I enter a new beginning. I find myself living in an unrealistic world, a dream. All of my wishes, all of my hopes, all of my thoughts become reality.

Close your eyes, and the first thought that arrives in your mind, make it appear. You live the way you want to, you vividly picture the scenery and perform in any manner that best suits you. I do. All of these worlds that are created are through the minds of any individual alone. I at times enter my future through an endless journey.

Art is the main key factor that surrounds us in our surroundings, in society, and even in ourselves. In a picture, a drawing, a sculpture and a painting, the artist first needs to imagine what they are about to create, what image that will structure, and most importantly, what gives them the drive to do it. I too imagine, and I too create. I create because of the existence of my imagination.

Imagination creates wonders of the world.