Caleb - American Fork, Utah
Entered on April 15, 2010
Themes: sports

Clap, clap, clap. The sound of my feet make as they hit the ground. I’m running again. I run to escape. Or at least that’s what I’m trying to do. I all reality, I run because that’s all I know. Here I am, made in God’s image, IQ of 134, a 3.6 GPA, and a 30 on the ACT, and all I truly understand is running. Sometimes, life is just too much. School, a job, church, my parents, all screaming for my attention. I can feel them all breathing down my neck. I have to get out. I have to leave. I have to run. I leave everything behind. My cell phone, my computer, all these things that I say I need to survive, I leave them behind. More than that, I leave my comfort. I leave my sofa, my bed, my room. I leave them them and venture out. They are my kingdom, but I choose exile. At first, thoughts race through my mind, the consequences of storming out like that, how I will get home. These are too painful, so I push them out. I leave them along my path, they are no use to me. Like broken records, these thoughts repeat endlessly, giving no solutions. Now my head is filled with thoughts of future or past events, problems, assignments, dates. These too, are left behind. They cannot help me run. I now notice where I am. Who’s house I am passing. Memories related to things I see. I start to push these out. They are the hardest to purify myself of. I must let go of myself to do so. I cannot leave these along the path. I have to leave myself with them. Sometimes, on quiet, dark nights, when my surroundings blend into gray shapes, if I try really hard, I can make them nothing more than things you might see in the woods. A house becomes a small hill, a car, nothing but a bush, the sidewalk and roads, rivers. If I can do this, I leave my thoughts behind. My head is filled only with the beating of my heart, the clap of my feet, the gasping of my breath, the stench of my sweat. I crouch lower. My body moves more fluidly. My legs stretch, collapse, and push me from the Earth. I become nothing but a dot in the universe, moving, without thought, without worries or troubles. I become free. I believe in running. I believe in letting my troubles and worries stay behind as I run. I believe in letting my instincts take over and becoming one with the Universe through the only way I know, through running. This, I believe.