Open Mind, Open eyes, Open heart.

Jessica - Dewey, Arizona
Entered on February 22, 2010

I believe that every individual should be open minded, no matter what the circumstance. Most importantly, to give people and places the chance to surprise you.

I have lived in Prescott Valley, Arizona for an official three years now. Before those three years took place, I grew up in Orange County, California. My parents decided to move and get away from the city to a simpler place. Everything I grew up knowing was taken from me the summer before my freshman year. For the first year of the three, I was filled with resentment towards my parents and a consistent feeling of not belonging.

High school is filled with confusion and change, even entering with the comfort of knowing your middle school friends. I was obligated to entire my freshman year with no comfort zone or circle of friends. Under those conditions, I became bitter and eventually put up a wall. The wall was built out of the strongest bricks made of disgust, anger, fear, discomfort, uncertainty, and then finally cemented together with a lot of tears. This internal wall made it impossible for me to smile, think, love, and to live my daily life happy.

Life got tough, I even lost a good portion of myself and good judgment but eventually I met a friend. Brooke Gabriella gave me back my smile and hope. She showed me the Prescott Valley, Arizona that people should see when they come to visit or maybe live in. Brooke helped me get threw a lot of my insecurities but I had to actually open my eyes and see how pathetic I was being to find myself again.

Once opening my eyes, I was refreshed. Self revolution came to play allowing me to finally live. Everyday became a new adventure and I was able to meet new people. Being so alone and taken away from my childhood shelter helped me gain my independence.

Unfortunately, after getting over my slump it did not stay smooth landing. The first trip going back home to California, allowed me to see that not much had changed without me. I was able to see everyone and come back to Arizona missing everyone even more then before. So I went on almost believing my life would be better in California and that my life was not being lived in the right way. It took the shock of going back to California the second time to shake all self pity out of me. That very trip allowed reality to kick in. I was soon able to see that all my friends were changing slowly and tragically living their lives without me. It took me all of sophomore year and a good portion of junior year to grow just the right amount of maturity to survive the times of lost friends and loosing my sense of home.

Currently I am in my senior year of my high school experience. My life is filled with new and old friends, and I have an unbelievably new out look on life. Although I had to realize this after being so lost that I almost gave up, I would never wish to have lived my high school years anywhere or with anyone else then my existing life right now.

It is true to say, I have been able to find wholesome happiness through these insane four years. By excepting the events in my life and keeping an open perspective I have found the right balance between the past, present, and future.