One Smile Could Change A Life

Nicole - Lawrenceville, New Jersey
Entered on December 17, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that one smile can change a life. Just one smile can make someone feel better. Whether it is a stranger, a friend, or an enemy, that one smile could make a big difference. It only takes one person to make a difference.

I was in middle school when I realized how important this belief was to me. I had never thought of believing that one smile could change a life until I heard this story. A grown man was extremely unhappy with his life. He was always sad and depressed. He made the decision that he was going to commit suicide. He jumped off a bridge and smashed into the water, harshly killing himself. When his family and relatives investigated this suicide, they went into his house and found a note. The note said, “If just one person smiles at me, I will not jump off that bridge.” When I was in seventh grade, a speaker came to my middle school. We had an assembly and he told the entire school this true story. The auditorium was flooding with tears. Students, teachers, and administrators were all stunned. Nobody had realized that this one smile could actually save a life. For the rest of that day, I smiled at every person I passed in the hallway. Some people were kids I had never talked to before and others were kids that I talked to all the time, yet I smiled at every single one of them.

This story has been told at many assemblies and many different schools, but I wonder if those people changed just like it did. I did not know this man; he actually lived nowhere near where I live in New Jersey. But still, every time somebody talks about suicide, death, happiness, or anything that has relevance to this story, I think of it right away and think about how it changed me for the better.

A smile might not necessarily save a life, but it could make someone happier or even be a better person. When people smile at me, it makes me remember that it feels good to be smiled at. When I say that one smile could change a life, I don’t mean that everyone should smile at every single person they pass, but even if they smile at one person, it could make a difference. Not one thousand smiles, just one.

I wish that I had passed that man while he was walking towards the bridge. I wish that I could have saved a life. For this reason, I believe that one smile could have changed that mans life. If just one person had smiled, there would be at least one more person living on this earth. I believe that just one smile could change someone’s life.