Nothing Is Impossible If You Put Your Heart into It

Binsheng - Vancouver, Washington
Entered on October 15, 2009
Themes: work

My favorite movies are the series of Rocky. I think they are the best movies ever made. They have positive influences on people’s lives. They interest me because the main character and I share the same belief—nothing is impossible, if you put your heart into it.

The world is a mean and nasty place that will hit you harder than anyone can. Get hit, get up and keep moving forward. That is being a winner. Don’t blame someone else for what you can’t accomplish, blame yourself. That is what Rocky Balboa said in order to convince his son to be a stronger man, and I totally agree with what he said. I strongly stand for nothing is impossible you put your heart into it. I believe it because I am living it.

I am not always the smartest, brightest kid among my peers. Shyness always holds me back on everything, which makes me a slow learner. I have to work twice as hard as other people work. Immigration to the United States has also proved this fact.

The first day of school, I was so scared. I didn’t know anything about this country, I had no friends here…even though I put those fear aside and walked into the school with confidence, but I still was too shy to talk to anyone. I always feel that my tongue ties in a knot, when I want to talk to other people. It definitely took me a lot of time to make my first friend here. People were really generous and kind here. They let my family and me feel at home. In fact, we found that moving here is not so bad. But we couldn’t ignore the presence of those people that were not very nice, in and out of the school. They were always so funny while we were around them. Made jokes about our tastes in cloths, the way we spoke their language… they made everyone laugh, we laughed too, so funny, so hard. We even busted out in our tears then we were laughing. Good times, good times. They are hard to forget…

It was so hard for me in the first year. I was so homesick; I even went back to China for ten days during my first Christmas break.

I might be slow and shy, but I never look down on myself. My parents told me that was for my benefits to move here. It would be easier to get closer to my dream, I believed that, and I still do. I have a dream—to become the greatest international businessman. I will never stop until I achieve it. I know that I can do it; I know that I can fly high and the sky is my limit. I know nobody has a perfect life; we can not ignore the challenges in life, we have to face them someday. This is life. I know I can avoid shyness today, but I can’t avoid it forever. I have to deal with it someday. And I did. I faced it with my belief—nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it.

Three years later, I am a senior in high school, and I am in an AP English class. I am a “half-American” now, I like Chinese food, but I also like the hamburgers, French-fries. I speak good English, fluently even if with an accent. I have a lot of friends; they are from all different parts of the world. Yes, life hit me as hard as it can, but I stood up and kept moving forward, like Rocky Balboa did, like a real winner should have done. I am still on the road of chasing my dreams in a land that is not strange anymore, with a brief “nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it” on my side.