Friendship Is Essential To Happiness

Ryan - Eastchester, New York
Entered on June 16, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe friendship is a vital component to the human experience. It is necessary that everybody shares that one person in which they can be completely themselves at all times. In the eight grade, I found that person. The person with whom I laugh, joke, and completely enjoy myself with. Her name is Danielle.

I remember the summer going into the ninth grade, we did so many funny (now looking back) menacing things together. Whether it being going to apartment building roof tops and dropping water balloons onto passing walkers, or taking fire extinguishers from our houses and going onto the high school field at nighttime where the entire population of the high school student body would be hanging out, and pretending we were magical creatures appearing from an uncanny dense fog.

There were other times, too, where we would be completing moronic. The time we went to the local hardware store and got a blow horn and went to the town golf course and blew the horn right as the golfers were about to tee off, put smiles on our faces for hours. To see the golfer’s body language and expressions was a treat all in its own. Or, how about the time were we were walking on a blazing hot summer day and walked into an orthodontist office for a breath of cool air and a drink to cure us of the staggering heat we suffered from. However, little did we know, that at this time, there was an office party commencing that was formal attire and catered. We looked like idiots standing in the waiting room wearing jean shorts and t-shirts being asked by the waiter if we wanted any appetizers while others were drinking champagne with strawberries on the rim of the glass. Of course we took the appetizers, after being denied our request of the “bubbly”.

So, I believe that there should be someone in everybody’s life that share a common sense of humor and that share a great friendship. Of course, Danielle and I have our fair share of arguments now and then, but it is great to be able to get over them in an elapsed five minutes and laugh about the topic of our argument to begin with. We are both very fortunate to have such a great friend.