My Self Esteem

Julio - Arlington, Virginia
Entered on June 2, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that a person’s character is reflected by his or her own self esteem. I believe that by thinking positively and having high self esteem I can have happier, better outlook on life.

Ever since I was little I have always had respect for myself. Nothing anyone said or did would ruin my self esteem. I’ve have always seen myself above other kids, not in the haha I’m better than you way but the I am confident in who I am and nothing you can say will change that. I haven’t always been the brightest bulb in the box or the popular one of the class but I’ve thought myself as the brightest and most popular in my own way which gave me the push to do better. I believe in myself and I believe others should also believe in themselves. I respect myself and accept who I am which makes me a better person, a friendly person and a good kid.

Having too much self esteem can be a bad thing. If I think I am better than everyone else and that I can be great at everything then it just makes a person that everyone dislikes. No one likes cocky people, I know I don’t. What I am saying is that you should respect and like yourself but not to the extent of being conceited.

I know some people who are just depressed all the time. It makes me sad to see them without respect for themselves and just in a state of misery. Those with low self esteem hurt themselves which could lead to hurting others. As they say “misery loves company.”

Having high self esteem can have an impact to my self righteousness, self perseverance and future. Without my self esteem I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I wouldn’t have the grades I have, I wouldn’t be where I am and I wouldn’t be confident in who I am. Life is so much with high self esteem because I can be whatever I want and I can believe in the things I want to do. I want to become a doctor and find the cure for something, aids, cancer or any other disease. Ever since I was five years old I have always wanted to be a doctor so I contribute my life to helping others. With my self esteem I wouldn’t struggle to become that top notch go to famous doctor. Believing in myself and respecting myself now can help me become the doctor I have always wanted to be. Having that kind of mentality and self esteem can give me that push I need to accomplish my dream.

Over the years I’ve seen people with self respect and confidence and I’ve seen those without. I will always be growing up with both kinds of people, those who have low self esteem and those with high self esteem. I believe those with “good” high self esteem make it and live happily while others drift in their sea of self loathing. I believe that in having high self esteem I can live happily in my own way, be a better person and be the guy everyone wants to be friends with.