I believe in Leadership

Ashley - USA
Entered on June 2, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in being a leader, doing what you feel is right in your heart no matter what anyone else thinks. Don’t you hate it when someone asks you to do something you know isn’t right and you say no and because of that you are un-cool? Yet after it is all said and done they are the ones in trouble. The leader may not always be cool, but they are always a leader.

You need to do what is right and never let anyone dictate to you what it is you do. You have to make decisions that are best for you no matter what the cost. People may be mad, not agree with you or think you are un-cool. That’s when you have to ask yourself what is more important doing what you know is right or going against your better judgment to fit in? Who cares about being cool? Be a leader and you may not always be right, but it is better then following the crowd.

I started to believe in being a leader for many reasons. The first being my father always said to me “be a leader not a follower”, after awhile the idea just sticks. Another reason would be the fact that I got asked so many times to do stupid things and had to be smart enough to refuse, all the temptations that a teenager my age faces. It isn’t easy to refuse them, but you have to if you want to avoid a problem later.

I have one person in particular that I could speak about for hours when it comes to being a leader. That is my German teacher of four years Dr. Harold Susbac. He is an amazing man who had a unique ability to teach you how to be a leader. Dr. Susbac passed away not too long ago, but I will never forget what he taught me. I saw him every day teach his class by his own standards. He had a genuine passion for teaching his students in a way he thought would best suet them. I looked up to him so much and loved his class because he was a leader not a follower and didn’t teach us by the book. He taught his course his way and in turn taught me an important lesson in life.

Always be a leader, even if what you are being asked to do is a temptation. Fight it because in the end you will reap the benefits. Always remember to follow your own standards. Because of the people I look up to I always will. Remember, being a leader isn’t always cool. Being a leader is doing what you feel is best. If you don’t follow your own standards who’s to say you aren’t just like everyone else?