Never Give Up

Patrick - Franklin, Tennessee
Entered on May 17, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

If the going gets tough you have to keep going and never give up this is what I believe. Never should you give up on something just because it is hard or it will take a long time to complete. Think Thomas Edison had hundreds of attempts trying to create the light bulb if he had given up I would probably be giving this speech in the dark. Or the many people that were involved with ant-slavery if they had given up slavery could still be around today. At some point in your life it will be hard or there will be a difficult task ahead, but if you keep going it can be one of the best decisions of your life.

I have wanted to give up on tasks that were to hard or I thought were pointless. For example, I received the highest rank in Boy Scouts, Eagle Scout, a few years ago, but it was not easy. There were many points that I wanted to quit because it was boring or I thought something was a waste of time. My dad was an Eagle Scout also so he was pushing me and constantly reminding me about scouts and things I am supposed to do or criticize me on how to do things. He asked me several times if I wanted to quit I said no, but several times I came close to saying yes. My dad’s constant nagging helped me achieve what I needed and I ended up overachieving and getting several awards beyond the rank of Eagle Scout. Not quitting and staying until the end was one of the best decisions I ever made. It well worth the hard work and time I had to put into it. This experience will help me in the future not to give up on other difficult tasks. Looking back it will help me in the long run getting into college and being accepted for jobs.

I encourage everyone to never give up. In some situations you will not just be giving up on yourselves, but you will be giving up on others as well. Sticking with something that is hard is very difficult many will give in to the pressure and just give up. Others will try to push through and look at the better side of things. I pushed through and it helped me complete one of the largest accomplishments in my life so far. I believe that giving up will hinder your success in life so I try to never give up on anything this is what I believe.