My Second Chance

Raven - El Mirage, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: forgiveness

As im sitting here at my new high school lonely at lunch, pissed off at the world because of where I’m at. I bag on myself about, ‘how I got myself here’, and how I had put my mom threw alot of stress and pain. As im sitting here I ponder about people who make mistakes. Do you think people think things threw when they make mistakes ? Do you believe in people who make mistakes constantly, deserve more than a second chance? My name is Raven im 15 years old. I’m just like anyother ordinary teenager. I like to go out with my friends , stay out late , and lie for know reason. These were the mistakes that I made daily. I knew they were the wrong choices but it really didn’t phase me untill the day I had to leave my school , right along with my friends , and my boyfriend who I adore dearly. They were the only things that keep me going everyday. So now im here without them trying to find my way back to them succesfully.

I was sent to a new home and a new school, right along with new people because of all the mistakes I made. For instance, I would ditch school, come home late, talk back, and just put everyone in a bad mood. As im here sitting at this empty table I ask myself, ‘how could I be forgiven but not given another chance? Is it to late? All I want is just another chance to prove myself worthy of being a responsible person. I realize I’ve messed up but im positive this time I wont again! I learned how to stay on top of my game. For an example I have terrific grades , im always in class on time and I follow directions first time given. But the two people who stood by myside the whole way threw is my sister and brother n law. They’ve thought me right from wrong and most importantly that everyone makes mistakes and always deserves another chance. This I Believe!