i believe

iris - youngtown, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family, love, setbacks

Love is a powerful thing. My mom always tells me be careful to fall in love it can make you do things you never thought of doing. I laugh and say don’t worry I wont fall in love, I know that’s not true. I’ve never really been in love in my life before, so I don’t know how it feels, but who ever knows what can happen in the future I probably will or not. It scares me sometimes though because I know what she says is somehow right. I’ve seen it before in people around me, like for example my sister the one I looked up to, asked for help, and advice, she fell in love once. At first I and my family were so happy for her. She would laugh, talk, go out and get dressed more. Until one day we found out the man she was with had a wife and children already. My sister had no idea of it of course he wasn’t planning on telling her. So we decided that we had to let her know even though her heart would get broken. It was just the best thing to do we sat her down and explained things to her word for word. The unexpected came, she didn’t believe us. My parents told her that they didn’t want him around, and to leave him. Instead she packed up her things and left, she preferred him more than her own family. My mom understood, she said it was the love she felt for him but that sooner or later she’d see with her own eyes that he’s no good for her. We hadn’t seen or heard from her for a while. My parents felt so guilty they never thought that would’ve happen. Later on we got in touch with her. She was struggling with money and she was getting fired from her jobs while he had no money. She finally realized with her own eyes he was no good for her, just like my mom said. My parents accepted her back home, she moved in a couple days later. I noticed things weren’t the same though, she had changed. I can see she was still hurting inside but she was fighting through it. When she was ready to apologize she did, and we forgave her that’s another thing love does it forgives something no matter what the situation is. Therefore I believe love can overcome anything.