This I Believe

Seth - El Mirage, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

It was a Monday, I think, in 2006 I lived in Kirtland,New Mexico. I had just moved out of my moms luxorious hoouse to live with my father in a single wide trailor. Boy what a change of scenery. I was 5 feet 6 inches tall and over 20% body fat. I was basicaly the nerdy of all nerds at my new school on the native american (Navajo) reservation. As I walked into my school, I caught so many people staring at me it was like they had never seen a caucasian male before. I remember turning the corner and hearing “hey you tubby little cracker” then catching a fist with my face. I got beat up everyday until I met a proffesional fighter by the name of Floyd Sword. He invited me to his MMA gym for a trial. After my first lesson I was hooked. Knowing that I could beat up someone 3 times my size using their own momentum was realy interesting to me. Not only was I learning how to fight but I was becoming lean and bulking up. I had become so good that I stopped loosing fights and started entering competitions. After a while people stopped messing with me. As soon as I finnaly reached the top of the social chain, my dad decided to move to Bloomfield. I had to start over and climb the ladder again, this time it was a little easier since I was in pretty good shape and had more self-confidence. I faced many obstacles at the school and I slaughtered anyone that stood in my way. I made freinds with the nerds, jocks, loners, and even some teachers. I knew that if I could get on everyones good side I would have little to no problems.

In this life all of us have obstacles that we need to face and overcome, some more than others. But its not the degree of them that moves us forward or brings us to a complete hault. What matters is how we handle them. Like when I cut corners at the new school by ripping through the ranks, and making loads of friends, I used my sources to give me that extra boost that I needed to get through each day. I believe there are no big or small prolems in life, but there are big and small ways to handle them.