Matthew - Albemarle, North Carolina
Entered on May 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Escapism is when one uses video games, movies, or the Internet to escape reality. I being a 16-year-old boy use video games, such as role playing games, to escape my life. My school is known for its workload, and I am even grateful to become sick just to escape sometimes: to have a one-day vacation from the norm.

I have a friend who used to live his life in the game. He would go to school, then he would go home and play from the time he arrived till he went to sleep. I used to play Xbox Live with him everyday for an hour, from five to six, after school. He played so much because his life wasn’t that great. His mom and dad were busy most of the time, and so he was mostly left alone to do as he pleased. This was his way to escape. But when he lost it due to bad grades, he found his life pointless: he had no friends near by, and he had no Internet.

In my day-to-day schedule, I don’t have much free time due to the workload my school gives me. But when I do have time, I enjoy playing video games to escape from my life, such as role-playing games, horror games, strategy games, and fast-paced shooters. They take me out of my world and put me into a more interesting world where I can do anything I want to do. When I play Grand Theft Auto, I can drive around New York City in a nice, new sports car, or when I play F.E.A.R., I am a soldier fighting a supernatural enemy that is a threat to the world.