School Spirit

Austin - Surprise, Arizona
Entered on May 13, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The sound of all the kids cheering in the gym and the walls and stands decorated with the school’s colors. Everyone wearing spirit colors, representing their school is the best.

These are the things I love about school pep assemblies. I believe in school spirit.

Now I don’t restrict school spirit to assemblies. At my school we have “spirit Fridays” where everyone is encouraged to wear anything black and red (our school colors) or even their spirit shirts.

I believe in showing pride in my school by going to sports games. There are the famous rivals like Michigan and Ohio State and Arizona State and University of Arizona. Then you have the classic high school rivalries. I LOVE the homecoming football game. We won ours this year which was even more exciting.

I also believe in showing school pride by joining sports. Well in my case, one sport. I was on the freshman football team. But that’s what made going to school football games so fun, especially since I got in for free. I also went to other school functions like dances, performances and shows.

Clubs are an especially good way to show pride. Now I’m only in my freshman year right now but I plan to join some. I know a couple seniors right now who are involved in everything and I think they are the coolest people on campus. I look up to them. They get to do a lot of fun stuff too like field trips to other states.

There are countless ways of showing school spirit. From joining clubs to just wearing your colors with pride there are always ways to show that you love your school.

And in the future when you’re thirty years old and you find those old yearbooks, pictures, your class ring and other memorabilia you will remember the times you had at your school.

I believe that everyone should be proud of their school. This I believe.