I Believe in Life After Death

Montrice - East St Louis, Illinois
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: afterlife

Growing up I would pretend that angels or we can say super natural spirits where with me in the cars, on the bed, while playing in the yard; and it is possible because I could feel their presence. No I’m not a physic nor am I crazy, I believe in the saying that goes “You have to see it to believe it.” Have you ever experienced anything strange or out of the ordinary in your life and just did not want to say anything?

Well I experience my angel on August 09, 2008 the day my mother passed. My family and I were returning home from the hospital and we were all standing outside, suddenly the sky seemed to have opened up with dark clouds as if it was going to rain. As we looked up it appeared to be a giant bird with wings in the sky. We all grabbed our cameras and cell phones and begun to take pictures, once the prints were developed we looked at them and saw a picture of Jesus standing over a woman with wings. I can’t think of what it is called when spirits show themselves in photographs, but at that moment we were in aw by what we had just witnessed. This had my family and I astonished because at first we were so sad. What was we to do now that the one who held us together was now gone? I thought how can I make it in this cruel world without my best friend; my mother, it was a piece of me that wanted to give up. Because of these pictures it has given me hope and admiration to do the right things in life as it has been instilled in me. I went back to school to achieve my LPN License and my family has moved on as well. We take everything on a daily basis and pray one day at a time, we know now that it was God’s way of letting us know that she was no longer suffering and to put our hearts at ease from pain and agony. You do know that Misery loves company, but what I had already believed in my heart had surfaced and shown us that there is a higher presence above. It is easy for different cultures to critique and not visualize the place with golden gates and beyond. I do believe in life after death.