This I believe that people with dissabilities can be just as inspiring as people who ar fully functional.

Mark - Rolla, Missouri
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe that people with disabilities can be just as inspiring to the world as people who are fully functional. I believe that my severely handicapped brother inspired me just by sitting in a wheel chair. His story of when he was a baby all the way up to his death put a very powerful effect on me because he lived in a house for the severely handicapped where the caregivers in the house made me believe in a world in which care for others is possible.

I also believe that blind and deaf people serve the same purpose. My grandfather’s story made me believe that anything is possible because he was both blind and deaf at the same time, and he caned chairs for a living.

My grandmother along with her husband cared for her family even though she was blind. She was not deaf, but still she made me believe that anything can happen.

My grandfather died before I was born, and I was very young when my grandmother was alive, so I could not understand my grandparents’ disability, but today with better understanding I believe.

Yes, I do believe who ever puts there mind to something can accomplish any goal.

I believe that Franklin Delano Roosevelt made the country believe in his goals during a time of crisis in the 1940’s when Pearl Harbor was attacked just by sitting in a wheelchair. President Roosevelt’s story made me believe that strength and hope are available in this country.

Ludwig Van Beethoven became deaf as an adult, but I believe that with his knowledge of music he brought beautiful symphonic music to the world.

Those are a few good examples of why I believe in what I believe.

I believe that I can achieve such goals as this for I too have a condition which is not curable, but it cannot stop me from living my dreams.

I know that anyone is capable of doing anything

When I talk of my brother I think of when he had his struggles, and his victories. When I was young I couldn’t quite understand why things were the way they presented themselves to be, but I soon realized all of the complications that my brother had been through.

I never had the chance to know my grandfather, but by pictures and stories I learned about him, and now I believe that he would have been a great man for me to know.

If I had known my grandfather today I believe that he would love me just as my parents love me today.

With me being 8 years old when my grandmother died I did not really know why people may be blind. I believe that I drove my grandmother crazy when I asked if she could really see, or if she knew what our house looked like. Aside from my eagerness I believed that my grandmother loved me.

These people helped me believe that anything is possible for anyone.