Believing in Lacking Belief.

Ryan - Allentown, Pennsylvania
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in the reality of non-belief and the greatness it can bring. This stems to my atheistic beliefs, but I take pride in my manner of viewing all religions as equal, and that I can view people’s ideas based on their merit, not how closely someone sticks to a bunch of rules set in stone. I take pride that I know I can learn just as much about ethics and life from the prophet Zoroaster then I can from Jesus Christ. I take pride in how I don’t have a congregation I’m obligated to join, though I wouldn’t look down upon someone who was in one. It is simply not my way, and I enjoy knowing that I carve my own set of beliefs using what I consider to be the most realistic way, and that I arrived at this position on my own terms.

I try not to be critical of other’s faiths, knowing full well that I could be in their shoes in another life. I may have been sculpted by my environment, and I’m hardly a rebel, but the fact remains that many would find my lack of belief deplorable and frankly, I can live with that. I have gone through the rights of church and been baptized and confirmed in Jesus Christ’s name, but frankly that does not mean anything to me anymore. It’s only a chapter of my life that I learned from, and helped me arrive at the position that I am today.

If life is a journey, then I know that I can travel without any extra baggage that might tie me to something I might not need to be tied to. I shall not believe in the superstitious, I shall not take religious promises as truth and I shall not be swayed by threats by believers, shall I encounter any. Non-belief, in other words, has helped me become free.