This I believe

Kylee - El Mirage, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

This I Believe

Everyday I end up asking myself why. Why does this happen to me. Truth is everyone ends up asking themselves the same questions. We might not always know what the answers are but we keep waking up the next morning hoping life can go on.

I was 13 when my parents got divorced. Divorce is a very common these days but I couldn’t believe what was happening. When they told me my face was blank. My brother burst into tears yet I can’t feel anything that’s going on. It started to sink in but I had to keep myself together for my brother’s sake.

For a while it seemed like it couldn’t be real. Then my mom had a friend named Steve. He didn’t always act his age but he knows how to be serious. Steve always liked to hang out with my brother and me. I could go to him about anything and he would teach me anything I wanted to know. After a few months my mom started to date him. Then a few more months later Steve asked my permission to ask my mom to marry him.

He considered it wrong not to do so. I consider Steve more of a father than my biological father. Steve and my mom have been dating for about 2 years. Steve is not only my Step dad but he is also my best friend. I think I have always deserved a dad. Now I finally have one.

I believe that every day is worth getting up for because you don’t know what you’ll get out of each day. You can keep asking yourselves the same question everyday but does that really solve anything? I had to go through a lot of things in my past. I used to wake up everyday and tell myself it was going to be a bad day and it usually turned out that way. I think that because all the things I had to go through I have a person in my life that makes up for it. I gained a new dad and a new best friend. Everything happens for a reason. This I truly believe.