The Biggest Part in Me

Eduardo - El Mirage, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

The Biggest Part in Me

Throughout my life, I have gotten so far, but is it possible that I can go any further. Life is becoming tougher and tougher by the minute. I also have notice that I have been learning new things on the way. But I believe in myself because I can exceed anything in my life.

I have met new friends on my journey. I had so many friends, but they have all left throughout my journey. As I notice as they left, there was always one left for me to explore with. I have gone my separate ways sometimes, but I think it better when someone by your side. As I explore my journey, it is always good to have someone beside you because they could be the unexpected.

Throughout my life, I have been to new places. I had to transfer to a new school every four years. I had to accept the new challenges and meeting new people. Sometimes I think school is just a place to meet new people and to have fun. I believe that school could have its greatest moments and its toughest times.

I think school is fun, but the main reason of school is grades. As I think of grades, it could just be a letter. But grades could be one of the biggest things that people look for. I do believe that grades are important, but not for the right reason. I like to impress people with my grades, but nobody seems to care at school. I think that people should care of grades that they got, because it’s going to be with them for a long time.

So then I believe in myself because of friends, school, and grades because they will always be with me. I also believe that friends could help you out through life because they could be the one doing you a favor next time. I also think that school is fun, but it determines what class you’re in and who’s in it, or else it won’t be fun. I do believe that grades are important because of your GPA, because it will be with you when you’re looking for a job. So if I could believe in myself, can you believe in me?