I believe in music

Mickenzie - phx, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

I Believe in Music

I believe in music. Since I was a little girl I have been heavily influenced by the power of music. I believe that it can make all the difference in your life. Musicians and music have surrounded me since the day I was born. My entire family is brought closer together by music; it is something that has always and always will bring us closer together. Whenever we are together my entire family plays the piano, guitar and other instruments and we all sing together. During those precious times, I can forget about all the day-to-day troubles I face, and just enjoy the peace it brings my soul.

When my grandmother and grandfather passed away, it was truly a devastating loss. My grandfather was another family musician who was very musically gifted and it was heartbreaking to lose his music that he had brought to the family. My whole family turned to our love of music for support. Each family member wrote a song, or part of a song, expressing the good times we shared with them over the years. Also songs of loss and sadness, it was healing for us all. Music has the ability of reaching deep into your heart and pulling out memories, good and bad, to provoke emotion centered around current and past events.

Music has touched my heart and my life in more ways than I would ever think possible. You may never come across a family brought closer together by music than mine. Our love of music has brought us together in a way that nothing else ever could. I have made the decision to study music in college because I feel that it is something I can truly and honestly put my whole heart into. I believe that it can change the lives of so many different people and help anyone through hard times. Music is so much more than a pretty sound. To me music is a therapy and a savior. Music is defined as an art, however I think there is so much more hidden behind its beautiful words and sound. Life is nothing more than a melody, simple and sweet, easy and free. I believe in music.