Fearing Death

Cinthya - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I believe that people shouldn’t fear death. Many people say that they are frightened to die and leave this world but many don’t realize what there is for us after we die.

On July 1, 2006 I lost four of the most important people in my life (my sister, my aunt, my uncle and my cousin) in a horrible accident. Trying to ignore the fact that they were gone forever was something that I thought I wouldn’t be able to overcome and until this day I am still not able to. I have come to learn that they are physically gone but spiritually still with me. I never thought that something as terrible as this could happen to my family. I would ask myself: “Why did this happen to my family? Why did death have to take them away?” I still don’t know the answers but hopefully I will someday. I know now that they are in a better place and they are looking after my family and I.

I believe that death is not a scary thing. I am not afraid to die because I know that I have my family waiting for me on the other side of Heaven’s doors. Before I would say that I didn’t want to die because I didn’t know what there was for me after I pass away. I don’t know where Heaven is or what it looks like and it doesn’t matter now because I know who will be there waiting for me once it is my turn to leave this world. Even though I would leave my living family back on earth, I will be waiting for them when it is their turn to arrive. This I Believe.