Past, Present, Future

Maysen - Palatine, Illinois
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

I am an is, a was, and a will be.

Right now, I am an aging oak tree.

Scared of your flint hatchet.

And like water,

I may be able to drink a sip,

But you can still swallow me whole.

I believe

I am an is.

Controlled by the blasted bells and their tedious tones,

Guiding me somewhere

That doesn’t feel like home.

This I believe

I was a was.

I miss being a was.

Like my 1996 Nissan Altima

With a broken noisy pipe.

I sometimes miss being nine.

I’ve forgotten what the feeling was like.

Before I said goodbye

To plastic toy dinosaurs

That now lie in an old forgotten box.

Before I said goodbye

To my loving sister who left for college.

When she was six,

She gave me the bigger half of a cookie

And took her small broken half to school

I believe

These relics from the past

These cloudy memories

Remind me that I was in fact, a was.

This I believe

I am a will be.

Yet I do not know,

It scares me

Not knowing what I will be.

Whether I shall perish in a forest fire,

Or get washed away

While searching for a new home,

But finding nowhere I can stay.

I hope I do not lose my will

And become the will be that I want to be.

This I know

I am scared of change.

Despite my unwavering support for Obama,

I must admit

Routine to me is

The old friend you love who is set in his ways.

I worry that

I might be a will be that I do not will to be.

But I am an is that is too mundane.

And I can’t be a was because that was in the past.

In the end,

I will to be a will be

That is not what I is.

As stated,

I am an is, a was, and a will be.

And I hope that is enough

When you ask me who I am.

This I believe.