Ignorance is Bliss, Is knowledge then power?

Ashley - USA
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that knowledge is not always power. Ever since I was young, it has been pounded in my head time and time again the importance of education. Looking back, the moment I stepped into Preschool had in a sense opened a door to a future of a continuing wave of new thoughts and ideas. Being the ripe old age of 18, living in a constant swirl of new ideas seems to have changed everything that used to be concrete and has transformed everything into questions. Life was much simpler when everything I knew, I knew for a fact; God is real and God is love. However, now I am sitting at a crossroad with so many different truths out there that it just seems to have left me boggled and confused. It is extremely hard to maintain faith, when facts and theories are being thrown at you in an educational setting, which you have been taught to respect. My entire mindset and strong faith I held as a child, has seemed to diminished as the years have gone on. I now hold much like a constant debate in my head; “Is God real? He can’t be because science seems to hold all of the answers and has proof, yet I still feel that he is, he has to be.”

Life was much easier, when I would walk into Sunday school every week and know for certain that this was it; God was not only real, but he was the answer. No other religion existed, there was no science to question his undying love and there were no major trials or tribulations that had left me unfulfilled and questioning his commitment in my life. As I sit here writing this, I feel as if I should come to a conclusion on what I truly believe and state that in the end faith wins the fight, however I can’t. Instead I remain sitting here wondering if this is a battle I will face everyday for the rest of my life. Will I ever hold that child like faith again? I believe that ignorance is often bliss, and knowledge may not always be power.