This I believe

Anthony - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in confidence. With confidence I can accomplish any goal, overcome any deficit, and conquer any problem. This is why I maintain a high self- confidence level. I always want to be able to climb that mountain, come back when I am down by five in the ninth inning, and I always face my fears. Confidence makes me invincible.

Without confidence however, I am weak. My defenses drop and I am open for failure to attack I become completely discouraged, which causes my self-confidence level to drop. Once my confidence level drops, it feels impossible to bring back up. This is why I never let failure get to me. Instead, I use it as a teacher. I understand the mistakes I make and then I fix them. This is why I always keep my confidence level high.

I remember one time I was wrestling in a tournament. I had already lost a match and I was facing elimination. My opponent was very strong and knew what he was doing. By the end of the first period, I was down by three. He took me down twice, and I escaped once making the score four to three. In the second period, he chose the down position. When the whistle blew, he immediately got to his feet for a quick escape, now I was down by four. The rest of the period, I fought with my opponent for a takedown. I knew I needed to score before the end of the period. Unfortunately, he had a quick shot and took me down for two more points. However, I kept my cool and hit a quick Granby roll to get an escape point right before time expired.

Victory was looking bleak, there was one period to go and I was down by five. However, I never lost confidence in myself. I knew my opponent could not hold me down and it was my turn to choose a position. Of course I chose bottom. When both of us became set the referee blew the whistle, and I immediately exploded up before my opponent knew what hit him. I hit a standing switch which gave me two more points. I was now down by three, and I could tell my opponent was getting tired. I had too much adrenaline pumping in me to feel that exhaustion was starting to kick in. I threw in the double chicken wing, which is an arm bar. I cranked it as hard as I could and I got him to roll over onto his back. When I heard the referee blow the whistle I was overwhelmed with happiness. I had won the match because I kept a high confidence level.

Without self confidence I not only would have lost this match, but I would have lost in school and in life. My high confidence makes me who I am and this is why I believe in confidence.