High Road

Austin - Arizona, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

Along with gaining a drivers license, I also gained a lot of responsibility as well as trust from my parents. I was now street legal; capable of going wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Of course, I still needed to have my parents’ permission. Before I leave on my adventures, my dad always tells me: “Be careful, make good decisions… remember to take the high road” and every time I smile and nod thinking, “why doesn’t he trust me more?” However, his constant preaching has permanently marked my brain. Now, before every decision, I hear those words echoing through my conscience.

After hearing his “high road” lecture for the hundredth time, I found myself thinking as I drove into town. I was on my way to a friend’s house to work on a project, but I had an appearance scheduled at an awards ceremony later that afternoon. In my head, I was conjuring the plan on how to slip out of my partner’s home in order to show up at my high school to accept my awards. The plan was set. Just had to wait until 5 30 to slip away. After working on our project, I began to get nervous. The time was coming to where I was supposed to go to the award ceremony. I knew I wanted to go, but I did know why I was so nervous. Thinking on whether or not this was the right decision, the words my dad had said so many times flashed through my mind yet again. “Always take the High Road.” That night, I took the High Road. That night I was able to stay truthful to my parents.

One of the most important qualities to have in a person is trust. The one fault about trust is that once you lose it, it is very hard to get back. Since I was young, my dad has pounded the high road speech into my head, trying as hard as he could to teach me right from wrong, as well as get me to make choices on my own. Though he can be strict, I am thankful that he has helped me. I am proud to have those words echo through my mind before I make a decision, and I am proud to earn the trust in my parents, by always taking the high road.