This I Believe

Christine - Phoenix, Arizona
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in athletics. The common argument is, “Sports importance in high school is overrated.” However, those who work their entire lives to perform at a high level of competition understand what this special recognition means. Working to full potential for a goal is the most empowering feeling, not just athletes can relate to this. The difference between athletes and others is they put all of their sweat, tears and energy into obtaining their goal. Discipline, responsibility and teamwork are skills needed to succeed in life; these are also fundamental characteristics learned in athletics.

I have now played tennis for thirteen years. It has developed into a love-hate relationship. Throughout the years, I have learned that no matter how much I hate the sport it is something I must persevere in. This discipline I have learned has translated into my everyday life and affected my determination to do well in both work and school. Many hours of practice and continuing workouts is draining, but because I believe in the cause of giving everything to obtain a goal, athletics is most important to me.

Managing my school work, job and tennis practices has always been a challenge for me. At a young age, I had to mature to understand the importance of time management, effort and punctuality. This responsibility is a skill I will always be grateful for because it is necessary throughout life. When I am older, I know I can handle a lot of responsibility and will not question my ability to do so. Meeting the demands to playing a sport has taught me this accountability, which not many learn until later in life.

Tennis at the surface may seem like an individual sport, but when you look closer it is more than that. When I am playing a match, I am playing for my mom and dad, for my coaches, for my friends watching, not only to win but to leave everything I have on the court and walk off with a victory. When tournaments are team-based, we cheer each other on and must win for our friends. It is a selfless feeling, almost an out of body experience that pushes players to victory for the team. This teamwork is very important, not only does it help built friendships but it teaches cooperative skills.

Without sports, I would not be as mature as I am today. I have given a lot of sweat and tears to further myself in tennis. I have also learned many important life-lessons and skills from playing this sport. All athletes would agree that they would not be the same without their ambitions in athletics. It molds a person and matures many teens to be amazing people when they grow up. I believe in athletics.