I Make My Own Decisions

LeeAnne - Alma, Arkansas
Entered on May 12, 2009
Age Group: Under 18

I am 16 and I have a friend that is 21. Sadly she has four kids. When I was younger I looked up to her, I thought she made her own decisions. I turns out she did not, she let others make them for her. She was not in control of her life. At one point she knew where she was going and had plans and dreams. Now those dreams are on hold. I have changed my mind about her, although I love her to death I do not want my life to turn out like hers. Thats why I make my own decisions.

My dad and my grandmother have all ways told me to be myself and to make my own decisions and I believe that I should do this. I really appreciate the knowledge I learn from them because this affected the way I live my life and the direction it goes due to my own decisions. The life were are given can be a blessing and a burden due to the decisions we make in our life. For a while are parents make decisions for us,but when we get to the point where we can make our own decisions thats when I affects us the most. Thats why I make my own decisions and in the process make the right one’s.

How much I value and respect myself as a Christian and as a person lead the way I live my life. I am in control I make my decisions. I set the path for the direction I go. Although I am young I have seen things happen to friends and family members. It broke my heart, but it opened my eyes to how the world is and can be. It taught me that in order to be true to myself I need to make my own decisions and be in control.

I choose to lead my life. I have goals and I plan to achieve them. I love the way my life is going. I hope it stays this way because I make my own decisions this I believe.